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I spent four days in Las Vegas.

Two of those days I visited the Cosmopolitan Casino.  The first day I wanted to check out the Chandelier Bar.  I wanted to try some of Mariena Mercer drinks before I meet her the next day.  That’s when I discovered Eggslut.  I, of course, tried a few more of her drinks the following day after our introduction, then I wanted to go back to Eggslut and try the Gaucho Sandwich.  Bummer, the line was too long and that’s when I discovered Holstein’s Shakes and Buns.


What is special about the Gaucho Sandwich is that it is made with Wagyu beef.  This is the same type of beef that is used at BACHI BURGER across town.  But when I opened the menu at Holstein’s Shakes and Buns, they serve a Billionaire Burger made with (they say) Kobe beef, foie gras, port onion marmalade, frisee, & truffle mayo.  Yikes, does that sound good or what?  So, what is the difference between Kobe and Wagyu?  That’s a good question which is discussed in the UPROXX article linked below.  I think that the article speaks for itself.  But damn, that Bachi Burger a few weeks ago was awesome.

"they serve a Billionaire Burger made with (they say) Kobe beef, foie gras, port onion marmalade, frisee, & truffle mayo."

Holstein’s Shakes and Buns is a fun place to dine if you're in the mood for a good sandwich, a unique burger, or a healthy salad.  The motif is very fresh and uplifting and the staff was very helpful with pairing the right food with the right beverage.  Holstein’s features a list of specialty cocktails that were created by the staff.  I ordered the rum drink called, Oh My My. Made with Bacardi O rum, peach puree, Orgeat syrup, and fresh lemon.  I was impressed with the variety and originality of their cocktail list.  But even more so, I was impressed with the beer list. Check the link below to see their menu and beverage list.  What surprised me is that the beers on the menu listed the amount of alcohol in each beer.  This is something that I think should be on every beer, wine, and liquor list.  It’s the age of information, right?  Oh, by the way, I had the burger called the Gold Standard which is a dry aged beef sirloin burger w/ smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit, baby arugula, & garlic-chive aioli.  And yes, it was an excellent burger.


There are two Holstein’s Shakes and Buns locations, one in Las Vegas and the other is in Portland, Oregon.  Their menus are slightly different.  I don't think that if you have two restaurants that you are restaurant chain but in the case of Holstein’s it is part of a restaurant group called Block 16 Hospitality.


Block 16 Hospitality is a Las Vegas- based hospitality group that was brought to life in 2006 by local hospitality entrepreneur Billy Richardson.  Richardson, a Las Vegas native, has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Block 16 develops, manages and operates an impressive list of venues” that are linked below.



I don’t think that Holstein’s would be on your bucket list, but if you do find yourself visiting one of the restaurants that are a part of the Block 16 group, I would venture to say that you won’t be disappointed with what they serve or the ambiance that they provide.  I am quite certain that the influence of the competition in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles invigorates their management team to maintain the highest standards.


When I returned to the Worldmark timeshare, my sweetheart Ruka was napping poolside.  She looked up at me and smiled.  I could tell that she was happy to see me again, just the way I feel about her.  She has the prettiest face, with the freckles on her nose and her big white teeth, she melts my heart every time I look at her.  She got up and ran up to me, almost pushing me over giving me a big wet kiss. Then I told her about meeting Mariena Mercer and spilled the beans about Holstein’s.  All she could say was, “where’s the beef?”


Please log on to and follow my journey….


Enjoy life, drink responsibly.


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Author : Neal Murray

Designed By : Sean Derning