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Neal Murray

From a good friends perspective


Neal is a man who I am proud to call a friend. He stands out as a pillar in his community, a father figure to the young kids lacking in the grace of the older generations, and an unbiased ear to listen to the tough times accompanied with living in this modern world. Neal has given so much to his friends and community that when he mentioned the idea of creating an online magazine narrating his travels and experiences across the country at different restaurants and bars, I insisted I help build the site. It was the least I could do to give back to a humble man who had given so much to so many others.


We started the journey in Vegas at the beginning of 2017, hashing out the name and how the magazine would feel. Vegas was a perfect spot to sample multiple restaurants and bars and discuss how Neal was going to present his journeys to the reader. He decided that instead of telling about all the spots he visited, he would just write about the ones he felt had something special. There are plenty of other "restaurant review sites" and Neal wanted something more. So became the birth of Chasing Cuisine, a magazine more about the journey than the destination.


A life of extraordinary encounters gave him the nickname "the Black Forrest Gump", including being the original creator of the well known Cosmopolitan Cocktail. Here are a few clips from the web I found telling of Neal's history.


“Neal Murray invented the Cosmopolitan Cocktail, it says so on his business card.  He’s also been bartending and serving [food] in San Francisco since the early 1980’s, pouring drinks and exchanging jokes with the likes of Robin Williams and Don Johnson, and catering birthday parties for Willie Brown and Herb Cain.  He’s met Joe DiMaggio, Timothy Leary, Shirley Temple, Herbie Hancock, and Miles Davis, and served drinks to 6 different San Francisco mayors. But his most recent accolade is that he’s this week’s San Francisco Local Legend.”


Well, that was published on 14 July 2014 on when they began the new series on local legends in San Francisco. Yeah, I though that was pretty cool.


“Mr. Murray, a suave gentleman who knows his way around the restaurant business, says he created the popular pink drink back in 1975 when he was a college kid at the University of Minnesota.”


Well, that was published on 07 April 2004 by the

And, yeah that was cool too. It was nice to see my friend get the recognition for what he has contributed to this world.


So now, he has his own website where he writes about restaurants and bars, food and cocktails. While you’re here you’ll learn about current trends in the food and bar scene.


So, come inside and see where he's been >>>>>


- Sean Derning

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Author : Neal Murray

Designed By : Sean Derning