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Neal Murray

Neal Murray

from Nealapedia, the unknown encyclopedia


Neal Murray (born September 1951) is an American Bar professional, mixologist and published author.  He is currently the author of


Early life

Born in St Paul Minnesota, Neal lived in South Minneapolis for the first nine years of his life.  His parents built a home in Roseville Minnesota in the early sixties where Neal attended Public Schools.  He graduated from Alexander Ramsey High School and went on to college at Morehead State University before becoming involved in the music business in the early seventies.  In the early 70’s, Neal was co-owner of a talent agency called The Encore Corporation.  His frustration with musicians led to his return to college at the University of Minnesota.  He studied political science and became involved in the Minnesota political scene.  He served as a congressional intern in Washington DC for Congressman Donald Fraser of the 5th District in Minnesota.  After he returned to Minnesota, he worked for the State House of Representatives.  After the election in 1978, Neal gave up politics and moved to San Francisco.



Neal began his restaurant career in 1975 at the Cork & Cleaver restaurant in Golden Valley, Minnesota while attending the University of Minnesota.  On his first job as a bartender, Neal invented the drink the Cosmopolitan Cocktail.  Neal moved to San Francisco in January of 1979.  In the early 1980's Neal became known for assisting in opening several restaurants.  Neal has always promoted the Cosmopolitan Cocktail and it became popular in San Francisco by 1984.  In 1985, Neal joined the opening staff of Fog City Diner. The Fog City Diner is where the Cosmopolitan Cocktail gained its greatest notoriety in San Francisco.  At the Fog City Diner in 1987, Neal created the Barbados cosmopolitan, made with Mount Gay Gold Eclipse rum, which appeared on the bar menu at the restaurant BIX in 1988.  After the Fog City Diner, Neal opened Miss Pearl's Jam House.  It was at Miss Pearl's Jam house that he created that Cactus Cosmo made with aloe vera juice and tequila in 1989.  At Miss Pearl's Jam House Neal was the first bar manager to serve Jell-O shots on the West Coast.  Neal went on to open several other venues throughout the 90’s and the early turn of the century.  In addition to assisting in opening restaurants, he was involved in catering local events.  Because of his career, he has had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing American personalities.  His list of introductions is impressive.


Here is a list of some of the people he has met.

Bill Clinton, Walter Mondale, Daniel Inouye, Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Shirley Chisholm, Tip O'Neill, Hailie Selassie, Marian Anderson, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Bill Gates, Tony Bennett, Arsenio Hall, Ann Richards, John C. Reilly, Ed Asner, Tom Bradley, John Cusack, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Joe DiMaggio, Timothy Leary, Robin Williams, Bill Dee Williams, Willie Mays, Herbie Hancock, Tom Bosley, Shirley Temple, George Shultz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leon Panetta, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Al Franken, James Baldwin, Michael Eisner, Lily Tomlin, James Carville, Will Hearst, Hunter S. Thompson, Andrew Young, Bill Graham, Kamala Harris, Johnnie Cochran, Joe Montana, Pat Paulsen, Weird Al Yankovic, Roy Disney, George Carlin, Marcel Marceau, John Denver, John Edwards, Kristi Yamaguchi, Charles Schwab, Daniel Shorr, Danny Glover, C. Elmer Anderson, Karl F. Rolvaag, Wendell Anderson, Rudy Perpich, Arne Carlson, John Sargent Pillsbury Jr, Don Johnson, Joseph Phelps, John Kasich, Moshe Dayan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rev. Cecil Williams, Sam L. Williams, Belva Davis, Herb Cain, Paloma Picasso, Warren Hinckle, Wilkes Bashford, William Kunstler, Bill Moyers, Dick Gregory, Kid Rock, Larry Harvey, Bobby McFerrin, Morgan Fairchild, Fran Tarkenton, Barbara Cyrus, Fritz Maytag, Bob Weir, Robert Mondavi, Richard Dean Anderson, Miles Davis, Cicely Louise Tyson, Charlie Rangel, Vernon Jordan…..


This list and the stories that go with each name is why Neal has been called “the Black Forest Gump”.




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